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Wonder Woman

Team Unicorn Projects

Geek & Gamer Girls

Here’s the first one that started it all! Unicorn powers activate!

Featuring: Seth Green, Stan Lee, and Katee Sackoff.

For The Win

Team Unicorn brings together a nerd army to destroy evil in a post-apocalyptic world while promoting truth, justice and the Unicorn way.

Featuring: Weird Al, Aisha Tyler, and Grant Imahara.

A Very Zombie Holiday

An instructional video for ensuring a happy home during this zombie-infested holiday season. 

Featuring: Tom Holland and Magda Apanowitz


A Superhero/villain dating service because…Love is SUPER.

Featuring: Derek Mears

Alien Beach Crashers

Team Unicorn is back and putting a new spin on the classic beach party song and dance movies of the 60’s with their comedic homage “Alien Beach Crashers!”, a story about pesky intergalactic invaders ruining the grooviest beach party ever!

Featuring: Zachary Levi, Pete Wentz, Abraham Benrubi, and Magda Apanowitz.



Saber 2: The Body Wash Strikes Back

The last remnants of the Empire have been defeated, and it is a period of peace in the galaxy. The Jedi Order, no longer needed in their role as defenders, have scattered across the stars and started new lives…while the Sith wait quietly hidden in their midst.

Such a Jedi and her Sith counterpart have found common ground and established a new business together on a remote planet. United by a love of animals and a belief in the force, they have rededicated their lives to the art of grooming.

Their latest mission leads them to the base of a former Rebel. Though the war is over, they have not forgotten where their true allegiances lie…


A Jedi and a Sith walk into a bar…


Sexy Nightmare Slayers

Wherever nightmares abound and things go bump in the night, the D.R.E.A.M. Angels are on the scene to calm scared children and slay scary creatures.



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