I’m excited to announce that Team Unicorn will be taking on Megashark this Saturday (7/18 9pm) as part of SyFy’s Sharknado Week in Asylum Films MEGASHARK VERSUS KOLOSSUS.  I had an amazing time shooting this with the other ladies.  Fighting a giant monster in a SyFy movie has always been a bucket list item of mine, I’m so glad is was against a shark and not a giant spider!!  If you like Saturday night SyFy movies check this one out!    megasharktitan


So excited when Team Unicorn and I got asked to do a promo for SyFy’s new reality show, ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE!   The show features amazing giant machines that battle one another.  It’s basically REEL STEEL come to life!  We got to visit Spectral Motion, the shop responsible for the creation of these robot and meet their creator Mark Setrakian.  See our promo below and watch ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE on SyFy!


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