Today is International Kissing Day!  Being a romantic, days like this one bring me lots of feels.  I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to kissing and epic love.  It’s a great reminder that something as simple as a kiss shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Instead, it should be treated like something special and magical that you get to share with someone that you have a deep, or brief connection to.  Having a day honoring that specialness is sorta the bee’s knees in my idealistic sugary sweet book.

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Today, on Facebook, I posted a fun kissing video and a reminder to everyone to “make out with someone you love today in an epic way.”  That got me thinking about what my idea of  an “epic kiss” actually was.  I think most of us can point out when we’ve had a partner who was a “good kisser”, but what does that really mean?  Good technique?  Right amount of pressure?  The foresight to know that it’s not okay to lick your entire face with their tongue?  I’ve heard many times “he’s a good kisser” or “she’s a good kisser” but I’ve very rarely heard someone say, “Fuuuuck, I just got kissed in the most epic way!”.  Why isn’t this more common?  IT SHOULD BE!!

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Even the most cynical of us feel that twinge inside when we watch TV/movies, read romance novels, or listen to love songs that bring up these themes, because deep down we really want to relate.  Down below all the jaded, clinical, logical layers of the “real world” we want an all encompassing love that sparks with an epic kiss.  To be kissed in a way where the Universe was created just for you.  A kiss that makes you feel like you are the most special thing in the world and nothing and no one else exists in that moment except for you and the person kissing you.  A kiss that could move mountains and turn back time.  These are the type of kisses that I want to hear about from my friends instead of their commentary on technique.


Everybody’s ideal of what this is is different.  Epic for you may be a first kiss on a front porch or instant chemistry with a complete stranger.  For someone else it could be a soft brush of lips on the forehead or a heated fight that turns into a fiery make out session.  For me, it’s all about throwing caution and logic out the window and just going for it with someone you have a deep connection with.  It’s making sure that perfect moment(s) doesn’t pass you by.  I think too many times we get caught up over thinking things instead of just living instinctively.  We ALL can relate to missed opportunities, and can look back on those with wistful hind sight and regret.  In my opinion, an epic kiss would transcend that.  It’s leaping without looking and leaving the overanalyzing of the situation behind.  The first moment your lips touch says everything you’ve always wanted to say to the other person and didn’t.  It’s being so caught up in the moment that electricity shoots through your body and your knees go weak.  It’s validating the chemistry you thought you had as real.  It’s a kiss so deep and passionate that you just want to open up completely to that person and let them inside no matter what your past hurts may be.  It’s the way that that person looks at you right before they kiss you like you are the only thing that matters and they can’t stand not knowing what your lips taste like for a moment longer.  Bonus points if this happens in the rain, up against a wall, up on a table or under the stars;)

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So what about you?  What is your idea of the perfect epic kiss?  Leave your answer in the comments below, and remember to kiss somebody epically today!!




So very excited to announce that I will be unveiling a beer that I created at Hop Con 2.0 this year!!  Kinda amazed to be collaborating with Stone Brewery on this:)  Beer is fun, and even funner when it’s mixed with geeky goodness and good friends Wil Wheaton and Bobak Ferdowsi.  Hop Con happens Wednesday of San Diego Comic Con and I’m hoping to see all of your faces there!  Get more information below!





Join Twistory Entertainment Studios on July 3, 2014 at 11:45AM at Anime Expo for a very special Women in Pop Culture Panel moderated by:

ELVIRA, Mistress of the Dark – Cassandra Peterson.

Panelists include the Superhero of Belle’s War Danielle Vasinova, DC & Disney artist Sho Murase, creators of Team Unicorn Rileah Vanderbilt and Clare Grant, and music sensation Bean who is going to be performing a few songs from her latest album.

The show also includes new SHINJUKU THE FILM footage directed by Robert Valley based on the Twistory Studios SHINJUKU the graphic novel, written by mink and illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano, an unveiling of SHO MURASE’s new graphic novel, THE ROSE GARDEN, and a special announcement about DANIELLE’S BELLE’S WAR Television series.

We also have a special Shinjuku giveaway for attendees.

Here is more info about our panelists and moderator:

Cassandra Peterson –
Halloween icon Elvira, Mistress of the Dark was the first horror host ever to be syndicated throughout the US on national TV and has undoubtedly become the best-known Horror Host of all time.

In addition to her original TV show Movie Macabre, she produced, wrote and starred in the feature films Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Elvira’s Haunted Hills, the TV reality series Search for the Next Elvira and, in 2011, 26 new episodes of Movie Macabre. She has made recent appearances on RuPauls Drag Race, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Oddities, Counting cars, Fangasm and Face Off.

Along with Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, she is now part owner of Comikaze, LA’s preeminent Pop-culture convention.

Elvira is played by actress-writer Cassandra Peterson who has spent over three decades solidifying the Elvira brand.

Danielle Vasinova –
Known for her work in White Trash Noir, Danielle Vasinova is our very own Super heroine Belle, of Twistory Studios Belles War. She was born in New England and trying out for the New England Patriots Cheerleading squad when she decided to move to LA to pursue her dreams of acting. Since then, she has made appearances in shows including Dexter and Rules of Engagement. She is currently working with Twistory Studios on the short films for Belles war and learning all the tricks of the western era, including gun training and card playing.

Sho Murase –
With a style that has Spanish and European accents, Sho Murase has the ability to touch many hearts when she puts a pencil to paper. She grew up in Barcelona and would visit her mother in Japan, but now resides in San Francisco where everything now makes sense for her. Her artwork focuses on a protagonist going through hardship and coming out on top. She has worked with Twistory Studios to develop her own series of photos.

Team Unicorn –

Clare Grant –
Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Clare Grant is the nerdy version of the girl next door. Her first on screen role had her working alongside actor Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line. From there, she has made her career a fun and certainly creative profession to watch. More recently, she is taking over Youtube with her ‘Team Unicorn’ and has been green lit for a pilot on Adult Swim.

Rileah Vanderbilt –
As a key part of Team Unicorn, Rileah Vanderbilt works with Clare Grant on a daily basis. Born and raised in Colorado, she is a known geek who loves all things fantasy and comic related, including Stars Wars. Her big break was in 2005s Hatchet after starting young and being involved in community Theatre Groups. She is now working on a series for Team Unicorn for Adult Swim.

Bean –
Dallas-born, Nashville-raised, and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and performer Noelle Bean began going by the surname “Bean” after her high school music teacher chose to address the budding musician by the one word alone. She was handpicked as 1 of 25 artists in the Macy’s and iHeartRadio “Rising Star” campaign, while both Pandora and iTunes created a “Bean Radio” channel. Her music appeared everywhere from OK TV to spots for Mitsubishi and Coca Cola’s Fantasy Soccer Camp. Meanwhile, she became a live draw opening for the likes of Colbie Caillat, Megan & Liz, Hot Chelle Rae, and Austin Mahone as well as giving a show-stopping set at Bonnaroo 2013. Everything has merely led up to the impending release of her two 2014 digital mini-albums—one in the spring and one in the fall—culminating in a physical special edition with extra tracks for the holidays.



Happy to finally announce that Hatchet 3 is now available on Netflix streaming!!  If you like slasher films, you’ll love this one:)  Really cool to be involved with such an awesome franchise!


Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S4 E8: The Mountain and The Viper

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This week’s episode of Game of Thrones is an epic one and there will be tears when we discuss the SPOILER events of episode 10, “The Mountain and The Viper.”
This we week Tiffany Smith (@TiffanysTweets) is joined by book readers and “Game of Thrones” super fans Rileah Vanderbilt (@Rileah) from Team Unicorn as well as Chadd Smith (@MaddChadd) from Step Up and LXD.
Enjoy the sorrow of this week’s Game of Thrones Recap and Review, and check out our gif-heavy recap here.


I’m so happy to finally be able to announce the cast to Team Unicorn’s new pilot with Adult Swim!  What’s even more exciting is that we’ve cast our forth unicorn, the amazing Alison Haislip!  She’s a breath of fresh air and we are so excited to have her.

Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk Among Cast Set For Adult Swim’s ‘Team Unicorn’ Pilot From Robot Chicken Duo

By  | Wednesday May 28, 2014 @ 10:00am PDTTags: Adult SwimTeam Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour!

            Team Unicorn SAFH photo by Eric Blackmon (1)

Production is underway on the Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour! pilot forAdult Swim. Penned by Dan Milano (Greg The Bunny) and inspired by the Team Unicorn cartoons, the pilot is described as a modern twist on Saturday morning-style cartoon/live-action hybrid shows, but for adults. It follows the adventures of the four mythical heroines who masquerade as human girls. Danger Maiden Prods’ Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt executive produce and star alongside original Team Unicorn member Milynn Sarley (How I Met Your Mother) and Alison Haislip (Attack Of The Show) as both Team Unicorn and their cartoon counterparts. Jane Lynch (Glee, Hollywood Game Night) voices the villainous Dark Puba; Alan Tudyk (Suburgatory) voices her sidekick, Chummy Cherub; Tara Strong (The Fairly OddParents) voices Billy, the boy with the ability to summon Team Unicorn; and Kevin Shinick (Mad) is the show’s announcer. Robot Chicken creators Seth Greenand Matthew Senreich serve as executive producers for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. Green is directing the pilot.

Danger Maiden Productions was formed in 2009 when Grant and Vanderbilt wrote/produced and starred in the viral video Saber, which won Best Action and the Audience Awards at the Lucasfilm Fan Awards. Recently they completed the trilogy, which has racked up more than 7 million views collectively. Team Unicorn first was introduced to geek and female empowerment fans in 2010 via G33K & G4M3R Girls, written and produced by its original members. The viral-video sensation captured a million views in its first week as a geek-centric parody of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” music video. Other Team Unicorn videos include Alien Beach Crashers, SuperHarmony, A Very Zombie Holiday and For The Win.



Saber III: Revenge of the Threesome!

In an epic follow-up to the series that Rileah produces with her partner, Clare Grant, Nerdist presents Saber III: Revenge of the Threesome! Brace yourself for a next level 80′s Star Wars lightsaber duel between Clare, Rileah and Alison Haislip. Directed by Joe Lynch & Written by Adam Green.



Sab3r MEME



Team Unicorn: Intergalactic force of awesome


By all accounts, Team Unicorn should not exist. Like the fabled unicorns of ancient mythology, geek girls are also supposed to be the stuff of myth and legend, whispered about in reverent tones at Comic Con, but only ever seen fleetingly out of the corner of one’s eye. And yet, these magical beasts are very real. They bludgeon bad guys, rescue kittens, and regularly save the Universe – all in a day’s work for this intergalactic force of awesome.

Formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2010, the original members of Team Unicorn were actresses and singers Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley, Rileah Vanderbilt and Michele Boyd. The group is best known for their parody songs, including “G33k & G4m3r Girls” which spoofed Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.” Filled with geek cultural references, the song is a homage to women who love science fiction, manga, and especially gaming. Other YouTube hits include “A Very Zombie Holiday”, “SuperHarmony” (mocking those ubiquitous eHarmony commercials), “Alien Beach Crashers” (which spoofs the frothy 1950’s beach party songs institutionalized by Annette Funicello), and a “Starship Troopers” parody titled, “The UniCorps Wants YOU!”

Recently, Adult Swim announced that a Team Unicorn live action / animation pilot is in the works, from the creators of “Robot Chicken.”

I sat down with the unicorns for a lively discussion about gaming, music, movies and their love for space.


Clare Grant

Q: Marvel or DC?

Clare: I’m a Marvel girl. I grew up reading Marvel comics, and love their relatable characters and storytelling. But DC has created the most iconic superheroes of all time, so I have mad respect for them as well. Plus-DC has Batman.

Q: Favorite astronaut, scientist, engineer or inventor?

Clare: Does my college physics professor count? Because he introduced me to physics, which I fell in love with, and made me realize how much I like science. But if I had to pick someone the rest of the world knows, right now it would be Nikola Tesla. He is fascinating.

Q: Favorite planet?

Clare: My favorite planet is actually Saturn’s moon, Titan. I grew up reading a lot of Kurt Vonnegut, and love Sirens of Titan so much, I adapted it in to a play that I directed in college. That book romanticized Titan in a way that will stick with me forever.

Q: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Clare: I am definitely more passionate about Star Wars, as it is one of the most influential movies of my life, and something that bonded me with my younger brothers and sisters. And now it is something that I share with my husband. But I also grew up watching Star Trek with my Dad, who is a huge Trekker, so I have a lot of love for Star Trek.

Q: Favorite space agency?

Clare: NASA. I went to Space Camp in Huntsville for a field trip and was immediately fascinated by space . When I moved from Memphis to Houston, my new neighborhood & schools backed up to NASA property. My Intermediate school was even called Space Center. Being completely immersed in NASA like I was during that time, I fell even more in love with the agency and everything it stands for.

Q: If you were on a long space journey, what food and beverage could you not live with out?

Clare: Coffee, chocolate & bacon.

Q: Build things or destroy them?

Clare: I’ve been taking things a part just to put them back together again since I was a little girl, beginning with my NES. Getting my first computer was fun because I immediately took it apart, switching parts added things to it.

Q: Favorite space mission?

Clare: I saw the final shuttle mission launch, STS-135,
and it was beautiful. But STS-134 is the most memorable for me personally. I went down to Florida with my husband and a couple friends for the launch for STS-134, and STS-135. STS-134 was scrubbed, so instead, the kind folks at NASA gave us the most incredible tour of Kennedy Space Center and of the Air Force base down there. We sat in the cockpit of Discovery, touched the belly of Atlantis, played flight director in command central, and got to tour old launch sites. AND, it was on my husband and I’s first wedding anniversary. Nothing could have been
more perfect or magical.

Q: Favorite video game?

Clare: Hardest question ever! Most played game: Super Mario Bros. 3. Favorite childhood game: Super Metroid. Most influential game: Dragon Warrior 1 or Final Fantasy 2. Favorite post-cartridge days game: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Favorite recent game: the most recent Tomb Raider.

Q: If you could travel to any single place in the solar system where would you go?

Clare: Sirius. What’s up there????


Q: Aliens or Robots?

Clare: Giant, shiny robots. Preferably those glorious 5 in 1 robots.

Q: Superhero or a Villain?

Clare: Superhero with a dark past.

Q: Favorite space movie?

Clare: Aliens

Q: If you could travel to Mars, what five things would you take with you?

Clare: Kindle, iPhone, cozy hoodie, my husband & my cat.

Q: What space noise turns you on?

Clare: The Final Countdown.

Q: If you were a spacecraft which one would you be?

Clare: Tardis.

Q: If you could play any part in any sci-fi / space film or TV show, past, present or future, what would it be and why?

Clare: Han Solo. Because-Han Solo.


Q: The Universe; will it end in fire or ice? The Great Contraction or The Great Freeze?


Clare: FIRE!!! E






Rileah Vanderbilt

Q: Favorite space movie?

Rileah: “Space Camp.” You really get to pilot a Shuttle to space if you go to camp, right?

Q: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Rileah: Star Wars. It will always be my first Sci-Fi love.

Q: The Universe; will it end in fire or ice? The Great Contraction or The Great Freeze?

Rileah: The Great Freeze. An expanding universe is a cold universe.

Q: Superhero or a villain?

Rileah: Superhero. With great power comes great responsibility.

Q: Favorite astronaut, scientist, engineer or inventor?

Rileah: There’s a special place in my heart for Nikola Tesla. I love an underdog.

Q: Favorite planet?

Rileah: Earth. Nothing we’ve found yet, is as beautiful or unique as our little blue planet.

Q: Aliens or robots?

Rileah: Aliens. The idea of extraterrestrial life is pretty epic.

Q: Favorite space mission?

Rileah: Apollo 11. It was the first time anyone had stepped foot on another celestial body before. Such a profound moment for mankind.

Q: If you could travel to Mars what five things would you take with you?

Rileah: Toothbrush, footie pajamas, camera, my media library and the hubby.

Q: Favorite video game?

Rileah: Mario Bros. 3

Q: If you were on a long space journey, what food and beverage could you not live with out?

Rileah: Ramen noodles and green tea.

Q: Marvel or DC?

Rileah: This one’s tough, but Batman is my all time favorite comic character and I love Wonder Woman so I’ll have to go DC.

Q: If you could travel to any single place in the solar system where would you go?

Rileah: Spring break on Mars!

Q: What astronaut would you date?

Rileah: Neil Armstrong. I think you get cool points from your friends if you date the guy who was the first to walk on the moon.

Q: If you were a spacecraft which one would you be?

Rileah: Voyager 1. To be the first to be the first to travel into Interstellar Space is pretty awesome.

Q: If you could play any part in any sci-fi / space film or TV show, past, present or future, what would it be and why?

Rileah: Can I be Han Solo?? I’d like that. He has the best ship and a wookiee for a best friend.


Milynn Sarley

Q: Aliens or robots?

Milynn: Robots, I’m really only bidding my time staying alive till I can download my consciousness into an organic robot and live forever. Muahahaahaha.

Q: Build things or destroy them?

Milynn: Destroy how? With FIRE? I’m listening….

Q: Favorite Astronaut, scientist, engineer or inventor?

Milynn: Bobak Ferdowsi but only because he paid me to say that. #science

Q: The Universe; will it end in fire or ice? The Great Contraction or The Great Freeze?

Milynn: The Universe will end not with a bang but with a whimper…or from dark matter. Almost definitely dark matter.


Q: Marvel or DC?

Milynn: Marvel. I’ve been obsessed with the X-men franchise since childhood.

Q: Favorite planet?


Milynn: Gliese 581 g. It makes me dream dreams about the future, when intergalactic travel will be be a reality and the exploration for intelligent life can truly begin.

Q: Favorite video game?

Milynn: I’m not good at picking favorites but I would say FFVII had one of the biggest impacts on my life. It changed the whole way of how I viewed gaming and created the monster I am today.

Q: If you could travel to Mars what five things would you take with you?

Milynn: Five puppies. I mean…puppies are always the right answer…right? RIGHT?!

Q: Superhero or a villain?

Milynn: Villain. Full Villain.

Q: If you were on a long space journey, what food and beverage could you not live with out?

Milynn: If i were on a long space journey I would expect to be put into a lovely cryo-sleep until I had reached my destination. Should that technology be lacking, I suppose an endless supply of Jameson would be and acceptable alternative.

Q: If you could travel to any single place in the solar system where would you go?

Milynn: I get a free pass on dying right? Then the inside of a black hole. I desperately want to know what the ballz is inside of one of those things…or if they lead to somewhere.

Q: If you were a spacecraft which one would you be?

Milynn: The Tardis, because it can travel through space AND time. Also…bigger on the inside.


Q: If you could play any part in any sci-fi / space film or TV show, past, present or future, what would it be and why?

Milynn: Leeloo. Why? Multipass.


This article appeared in the March 2014 issue of RocketSTEM.
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Come see Team Unicorn on the  Un-gays in comics: Not-LGBT creator panel this Saturday at Bent-Con!  We will be discussing the hardships and triumphs of creating our own content.  Panel starts at 3pm!


More information here: Bent-Con Website



I will be appearing at Stan Lee’s Comikaze this Saturday for Cupcake Quarterly!!  Come by the Castle Corsetry booth, (booth #731) and get your copy of the magazine signed by me and my partner in crime Clare Grant!  I freakin’ love our Hogwarts house corsets we get to wear, courtesy of Ms. Lauren Bregman of Castle Corsetry!


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