Today is International Kissing Day!  Being a romantic, days like this one bring me lots of feels.  I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to kissing and epic love.  It’s a great reminder that something as simple as a kiss shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Instead, it should be treated like something special and magical that you get to share with someone that you have a deep, or brief connection to.  Having a day honoring that specialness is sorta the bee’s knees in my idealistic sugary sweet book.

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Today, on Facebook, I posted a fun kissing video and a reminder to everyone to “make out with someone you love today in an epic way.”  That got me thinking about what my idea of  an “epic kiss” actually was.  I think most of us can point out when we’ve had a partner who was a “good kisser”, but what does that really mean?  Good technique?  Right amount of pressure?  The foresight to know that it’s not okay to lick your entire face with their tongue?  I’ve heard many times “he’s a good kisser” or “she’s a good kisser” but I’ve very rarely heard someone say, “Fuuuuck, I just got kissed in the most epic way!”.  Why isn’t this more common?  IT SHOULD BE!!

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Even the most cynical of us feel that twinge inside when we watch TV/movies, read romance novels, or listen to love songs that bring up these themes, because deep down we really want to relate.  Down below all the jaded, clinical, logical layers of the “real world” we want an all encompassing love that sparks with an epic kiss.  To be kissed in a way where the Universe was created just for you.  A kiss that makes you feel like you are the most special thing in the world and nothing and no one else exists in that moment except for you and the person kissing you.  A kiss that could move mountains and turn back time.  These are the type of kisses that I want to hear about from my friends instead of their commentary on technique.


Everybody’s ideal of what this is is different.  Epic for you may be a first kiss on a front porch or instant chemistry with a complete stranger.  For someone else it could be a soft brush of lips on the forehead or a heated fight that turns into a fiery make out session.  For me, it’s all about throwing caution and logic out the window and just going for it with someone you have a deep connection with.  It’s making sure that perfect moment(s) doesn’t pass you by.  I think too many times we get caught up over thinking things instead of just living instinctively.  We ALL can relate to missed opportunities, and can look back on those with wistful hind sight and regret.  In my opinion, an epic kiss would transcend that.  It’s leaping without looking and leaving the overanalyzing of the situation behind.  The first moment your lips touch says everything you’ve always wanted to say to the other person and didn’t.  It’s being so caught up in the moment that electricity shoots through your body and your knees go weak.  It’s validating the chemistry you thought you had as real.  It’s a kiss so deep and passionate that you just want to open up completely to that person and let them inside no matter what your past hurts may be.  It’s the way that that person looks at you right before they kiss you like you are the only thing that matters and they can’t stand not knowing what your lips taste like for a moment longer.  Bonus points if this happens in the rain, up against a wall, up on a table or under the stars;)

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So what about you?  What is your idea of the perfect epic kiss?  Leave your answer in the comments below, and remember to kiss somebody epically today!!