Hey everyone!

Sorry for not having a blog post last week!  So crazy, I can’t even begin to explain.  I kinda decided to make that the subject of this weeks post…Realistic and unrealistic expectations.  The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of “life” stuff.  You know, all that clutter that gets in the way of taking care of your self?  School, work, kids?  Yup, that’s what I’m talking about.  It’s been so difficult to try to maintain goals when having to improvise.  In a perfect world, we would all have a set little schedule where we got up at the same time each day, knew exactly what we were going to eat for breakfast, took time out for ourselves, always felt amazing and always accomplished everything on our ‘to do’ lists.  But that doesn’t alway happen.  Nor should it, since the unpredictable is what makes life so interesting and full of surprises.  So how do we maintain goals in an unpredictable world?  The answer simply is being realistic with ones self.  Sometimes our motivation and the will that drives us, can also make us become unrealistic about our expectations.  Hold the phone!  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t reach for the sky and strive to be the very best that we can be, but I’m saying that we shouldn’t be so narrow minded in our goals that the littlest stone in our path makes us completely derail. I’m sure like me, you can all relate to this…unless you’re a Cylon or a Cyber Man and completely robot like in everything that you do.

I know in a previous post I had talked a little bit about consistency.  How in order to get the results you want you need to be consistent on a weekly basis.  While I still stick to that philosophy, I’m learning that even the best made plans, the greatest intentions, and all the drive in the world sometimes is no match for everyday wonderful life.  For myself, I’ve set a pretty high bar.  A lot of that is due in part to a time clock…I’ve only got so much time before shooting this project.  Six weeks, that’s it.  Six weeks to dramatically physically change.  Sounds a little unrealistic right???? Yeah, because it is.  It hit me a week ago that even if I stayed as strict as possible with training and dieting there was no way my body would have enough time to change as much as I projected it would.  It’s just impossible.   It takes months not weeks to do what I want to do.  On top of that, these last two weeks have been a barrage of ups and downs with work, extracurricular, and personal stuff that has affected my training schedule and my dieting, which in turn has made everything a little less consistent. Rileah = Sad Panda:(  What happens when we set unrealistic goals and don’t end up achieving them??  We start to judge ourselves.  It takes the wind out of our sails and  makes us start to question our process and the need to continue with it.  Remember that tiny little evil gnome that I talked about previously???  He LOVES it when this happens because we start to listen to him.  It’s easier for him to convince us that we don’t have to keep killing ourselves…I mean, what’s it for if you aren’t going to get the results you want.  You couldn’t go to the gym the last two days so maybe you should just take the week off.  You dieted all week but you gained three pounds so maybe you should just eat whatever you want since it doesn’t really matter..these are the things that start to go through our minds when we are too unrealistic with ourselves.  However, we can change these thoughts by taking a breath, and really taking measure of what we’ve already accomplished and  re-evaluating our goals and making them fit more realistically into our lives.  It may take more time than first thought, but It’s better than completely derailing.

Even with being disappointed at myself for not staying on target these past two weeks, I’m still seeing a lot of progress!  Definitely seeing much more definition in my arms and abs, and I feel like my legs are so much more toned.  I think I may have to cut out most of my cardio though since my metabolism has been on fire lately.  I genetically have always had great metabolism, which has keep me relatively slim most of my life, but now I’m burning fat but it’s in the weirdest places.  First of all, my boobs are basically gone.  Totes gonna talk about my boobs now!  Sadly, I already didn’t have much there to begin with, but now I’m basically a pancake haha!  I’m starting to understand why fitness models and female body builders almost all have fake boobs, that’s the first place your body wants to burn fat.  SO, unfair!  Sob!  I mean, I’ve got some thighs that could use a little more trimming, why the boobs?!  I need those!  Ladies, I’m sure you can relate.  Also, the bones in my chest plate and sternum are starting to become more pronounced which just isn’t sexy, I feel like I’m starting to look like a weird alien creature…So no more cardio for a while, just weight training.  Hopefully that helps, or I’m going to have to start shopping for training bras!  I also started a different rotation in my six day schedule at the gym.  Instead of doing two days of each muscle group I’m alternating Arm/Shoulders and Leg/Butt day to every other day.  That way I get three days a week for both of those groups and throw in two days of abs on top a week.  Hoping to see a bigger change at the end by trying to push a little harder these last  couple of weeks.

I’ll leave you guys with a couple “before” and “after” pictures so you can kinda see where I’m at!  Have a great week everybody and good luck with your goals!  Oh yeah, and BOOBS!!!!!!

Week one and week four for abs…




Week one and week four for thighs…look my inner thighs don’t touch anymore!!  Wahoooooo!



Week one and week four four arms and shoulders…so exciting to actually not have “lunch lady arm” anymore;)