Nerds unite to bring smiles to kids!!!

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I’ve joined forces with some of the most influential “Nerds” of our time to bring you “Nerds VERSUS Aliens” releasing at SDCC 2013!  We are raising money and awareness for such an amazing cause, Operation Smile.  Operation Smile is a medical charity that has been helping children all over the world for over 20 years.  Our awesome friends over at Elevendy are putting together an EPIC mural featuring some of the coolest recognizable “Nerds” in the community!  This mural will be auctioned off at San Diego Comic Con with all the proceeds going to Operation Smile!  I’m so honored to be picked to be a part of this amazing project!

To learn more about this amazing undertaking check out our web site  Sign up on the site to be notified when the project/auction/store is ready to release!

Check out the video below to see who else is involved!