So excited that I can finally tell you all that I will be joining the cast of HATCHET 3!  We start filming tomorrow in the swamps here in Louisiana.  I will be playing the part of a SWAT officer who goes into the swamp looking for Victor Crowley.  Read the full story here:

Zach Galligan to Battle Victor Crowley in ‘Hatchet 3’

by Joseph McCabe, Today 3:00 PM PDT


Another face familiar to all horror fans has joined the cast of Hatchet 3Gremlins star Zach Galligan has signed on to play Sheriff Fowler — “the quiet Louisiana precinct of Jefferson Parish’s hard-nosed head of police” — in the latest installment of the film series created by Adam Greene (whoseHolliston is currently airing Tuesday nights at 10:30 PM EST on FEARnet). A couple of other prominent cast and crew members were also annouced today. Details after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive on the latest Hatchet 3 casting news. Here’s the official announcement we just received: “The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively announced additional talent joining the ensemble cast of BJ McDonnell’s HATCHET 3, the third entry in the popular slasher franchise produced by Dark Sky Films and ArieScope Pictures. Principal photography is set to roll on the hotly-anticipated threequel outside of new Orleans tomorrow, May 30, 2012.”

“The trade reports Zach Galligan, best-known from his roles in genre classics GremlinsWaxworks, and their respective sequels, will play Sheriff Fowler, the quiet Louisiana precinct of Jefferson Parish’s hard-nosed head of police. A New York native, Galligan first rose to prominence with Joe Dante’s 1984 blockbuster Gremlins, and has since appeared in a number of horror, science fiction, and dramatic features. He currently teaches acting at Manhattan’s Stonestreet Studios.

“‘I’m so excited to have Zach as a part of the HATCHET 3 family,’ says director McDonnell. ‘I’m a huge fan of Gremlins and his performance as Billy Peltzer. I have the utmost faith in him, and know he’s going to bring everything he’s got to the role of Sheriff Fowler.’

“Cody Blue Snider, star of A&E’s ‘Growing up Twisted’, plays Deputy Schneiderman, a gun-loving, heavy artillery-carrying area police officer joining in the assault on Victor Crowley. Rileah Vanderbilt, who Hatchet fans know as the first two entries’ “Young Victor Crowley”, will be play Mikaela Dougherty – a SWAT Team member sent in to Honey Island Swamp as part of the search and recovery team. An integral part of the ArieScope team, this marks her first major role in the series.

“Taking on the film’s scoring duties is critically-acclaimed composer Bear McCreary, known for his stunning work on Ron Moore’s ‘Battlestar Galactica’ reboot, and currently featured on AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead.”

“‘It’s an honor to have Bear aboard HATCHET 3,’ says writer/producer Adam Green. ‘Since working with him on my TV series “Holliston”, he’s instantly become a new and integral part of the ArieScope Pictures family. There’s literally nothing he can’t do – and best of all, he does it all with a level of class that elevates the quality of every project he touches.’

“They join returning cast members Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder, as well as Derek Mears (Friday the 13th 2009), Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Sean Whalen (The People Under the Stairs), Diane Goldner (Pulse 2 and 3, the Feast franchise), and The FP writer/director/star Jason Trost, who were announced Thursday, May 24, at Variety.

“HATCHET 3, which opens on the ultraviolent final shot of Hatchet 2, continues the tale of the now-iconic slasher villain Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder). As a search and recovery team heads into the haunted swamp to pick up the pieces and carnage left behind from the first two films, Marybeth (Danielle Harris) hunts down the true secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left the ghost of Victor Crowley haunting and terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades.

“The sequel, which films outside of New Orleans, Louisiana from late May to mid- June, 2012, is a co-production of MPI/Dark Sky Films and Green’s Los Angeles-based ArieScope Pictures. The film marks cinematographer McDonnell’s directorial debut after having handled A and B camera operations on such features as Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, Timur Bekmambetov’s upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Adam Green’s first two Hatchet films.”


Team Unicorn has paired up with one of their favorite clothing companies, Pinup Girl Clothing to bring you these super fun pictures.  Enjoy!!  Don’t forget to check out pinupgirlclothing.com to purchase the clothes you see here, and so many more beautiful pieces.

Today, in a beautiful mid-century home in Southern California, the Team gathers with their fellow Unicorn and hostess, Milynn.  Gabe, as any good husband should do, serves them cocktails as the girls discuss important issues like gaming, comics, and world domination.

At another shindig, Rileah shows off her new royal blue dress to her stylish Unicorns, Milynn and Michele.  Displeased to see Rileah had gotten the dress she had been eyeing, Michele plots to get an even better dress to swirl around in.

Unicorns get a well-deserved break while their men serve up some tasty treats.

Unicorn Clare enjoys an article on NASA’s aeronautical electronics in the latest Time magazine while Rileah’s man Eric cleans the house.  Eric enjoys his new hosts vacuum cleaner, the perfect gift for every man.

Unicorn Milynn allows husband Gabe to help her with her black bombshell pumps before heading to a Tiki Luau.

Rileah repairs a blown circuit in her Husbot 9000, the newest model in highly efficient spousal technology.


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May the Fourth Be With You.

Today is May the 4th.  That’s right MAY THE 4TH…as in “May the Fourth be With You”  Today is Star Wars Day!!  It’s the one day of the year where genre geeks or all types come together to celebrate inarguably  one of the greatest franchises ever created on film:)  Being a HUGE Star Wars fan, I made a video a couple years ago explaining why Star Wars is so important to me and why I love it so much.  It’s my little love letter to the galaxy.  Enjoy.


You loved SaberWe told you the sequel would debut on the Nerdist Channel at YouTube. And now, on Star Wars Day, it is here.

Saber 2: Return of the Body Wash is exactly what fans of the first will think and hope it is, with Rileah Vanderbilt and Clare Grant returning for more lightsabering, more suds, more Clare and Rileah. Plus a familiar big fuzzy friend. It’s directed by Grant’s husband — some guy of whom you may have heard, one Seth Green — and… well, what are you waiting for?  Read more here…


While this summer’s May 4 is marked, even dominated by, the launch of Marvel’s The Avengers, it’s also considered worldwide to be Star Wars Day. A play on “May the Force be with you” (“May the fourth be with you”), SWD is a day to celebrate all things from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Read more here…


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